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In 1960 London Emil Shallit and Siggy Jackson launched The Blue Beat Label and in the process created one of the most iconic, legendary, best-loved and acclaimed independent record labels of all time.

The Blue Beat Label is as culturally significant today as ever it was. There are now new ambitions for The Blue Beat Label alongside continuing to release great new music and help develop more culturally significant artists. We’ve found the rebrand of The Blue Beat Label and the 60-year celebrations (while demanding due to the various Covid-19 disruptions) incredibly inspiring and the new but respectful, evolution of the brand and label encapsulates The Blue Beat Label and entertainment business of today – a forward-thinking company that’s building on an illustrious culturally significant and very engaging past - and we’re excited to be starting these next chapters,

So after celebrating sixty years as best we could in the circumstances during 2020 the first part of this next chapter is to congratulate Owen Gray on the recent announcement that he will be receiving the lifetime achievement award at the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA) Honor Awards 2021. The event takes place later this month and all at The Blue Beat Label are thrilled that Owen is finally receiving this richly deserved award and recognition. More on Owen, his career, the lifetime achievement award and an associated release next week.

The Blue Beat Label moving forward isn't just about being a heritage label though and although the back catalogue and history is highly important and there has always been a huge level of respect to what’s gone before in every stage of planning, new challenges have to be met and new artists found and new music released too. In the past, The Blue Beat Label had to embrace the CD and the download eras, now The Blue Beat Label will also embrace the streaming era going forward with the introduction of more "Blue Beat" programmed playlists and promotions at the streaming outlets. All releases old and new and all artists will be promoted more on the streaming platforms during the coming years. This will begin during the coming months.

When The Blue Beat Label 60 Year celebration party and live concert could not take place as planned during 2020 due to Covid -19 restrictions The Blue Beat 60 Year Celebration Album "BLUE BEAT IS BACK IN TOWN" was released instead for Record Store Day Drop Day 3 2020 on limited edition blue vinyl and gatefold sleeve. The album was universally acclaimed and enthusiastically received by all. Due to demand, the album is now also available on 12-inch heavyweight black vinyl. A BLUE BEAT IS BACK IN TOWN" event and concert will take place in London at a future date when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and it is safe to do so. A "BLUE BEAT IS BACK IN TOWN" tour is being considered to follow as well as a BLUE BEAT & Soul Festival in the future. Discussions are also taking place to open The "BLUE BEAT" Hall of Fame in London in the coming years.

Exciting times for the legendary label as this new chapter begins.

Some new releases on The Blue Beat Label for 2021 will be announced in the coming weeks.

"Cherishing the past, embracing the future".


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