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The Blue Beat Label prepares to celebrate 60 years of great music, community and culture.

The Blue Beat Label turns 60 next year as fans of the label are

preparing to celebrate its impact and a new generation connects with

the music and the brand.

These preparations have already included The Blue Beat Label getting a

reboot end of June early July 2019, with a brand new 7 inch

vinyl single release and digital single release on The Blue Beat Label during

summer 2019, and a new website featuring all the releases on the label over the

past sixty years.

A further single release is planned for April 2020. Then a 60-year

album release during summer of 2020 and a London party to celebrate 60 years of The Blue Beat Label will take place during autumn 2020 followed by a Blue Beat and Soul

Festival in the planning for 2021.

Further details will be announced during March 2020.


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