• The Blue Beat Label

Digital Release of The Blue Beat Label 60 Year Celebration Album.

In 1960 London Emil Shalit and Siggy Jackson launched The Blue Beat Label and in the process created one of the most iconic, legendary, best loved and acclaimed independent record labels of all time.

To celebrate 60 years of the label a new compilation album THE BLUE BEAT LABEL SIXTY YEAR CELEBRATION ALBUM ‘Blue Beat Is Back In Town’ was released on Saturday 24th October as part of Record Store Day 2020 - Drop Day 3.

Appropriately the album release features tracks from and related to The Blue Beat Label's culture-shaping history.

A very special version of THE BLUE BEAT LABEL SIXTY YEAR CELEBRATION ALBUM ‘Blue Beat Is Back In Town’ went on sale exclusively in independent record stores in the UK and Ireland. This limited edition 12" vinyl album, mastered at Abbey Road Studios, was presented in a very special limited edition blue vinyl and limited edition gatefold sleeve.

A digital bundle will be released on Friday November 20th. This will be followed by a 12" black vinyl version on Friday December 11th.

© 2020 Blue Beat Records Ltd.

The Blue Beat Label is still going independently as it reaches sixty! Established in 1960 and still proudly a truly independent record label, The Blue Beat Label continues to flourish and release great music. Celebrating 60 Years during 2020.
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